AirVentures Hot Air Ballooning offers more than just a hot air balloon ride, we offer a total experience encompassing all the good things that make Africa great, from sunrise to great food, from wildlife to breath-taking scenery.

AirVentures can meet all your requirements with a choice of high quality, exciting flight packages. Our attention to detail, and focus on exceptional service will ensure that your balloon flight with us meets all expectations.

Hot Air Ballooning captures a mystical freedom as the natural elements of wind, flame and hot air, carry the balloon on a unique journey through the skies. No flight path can be pre-planned or arranged, only the skills of the pilot ascending and descending the hot air balloon in order to catch alternating wind directions, can impact on the direction of the balloon.

The original method of transporting passengers is still maintained to this day. Standing in a basket made of natural wicker, free of restrictions creates feelings of liberation, as it is possible to float in the sky so unhindered and free. The stillness and calm is unexpected. No chilling winds blow through the open basket, as the aircraft flows with the wind. Only the warmth and the occasional blast from the burners remind one of the pilot’s interaction with this amazing, yet simplistic, aircraft.


Cradle of Humankind (World Heritage Site), South Africa:
We are the only balloon operator to launch our balloons centrally within the Cradle of Humankind, and to offer a full flight experience within the 53 000-hectare world heritage site. Proclaimed a world heritage site in 1998, this protected area is predominantly made up of large private game reserves, it contains 13 fossil sites, and has over one third of all hominid fossil finds in the world. With minimal human impact, this area is a true wilderness gem to fly in.


Magaliesberg, South Africa:
Renowned for ballooning, this picturesque area boasts a range of mountains that are almost 100 times older than Everest, and are literally thousands of millions of years old. An area of significant South African and geological history, its vastness and beauty can only really be appreciated from the air. Like the Cape vulture that soars in the thermals around these mountains, a hot air balloon ride is un-paralleled in its ability to provide silent, 360-degree visibility.

From the earth on take-off, to the power of fire as the flame is used to heat the air in the balloon, to the forces of nature, as gravity is defied and the hot air lifts the balloon to be caught by the waiting winds. No other form of flight can be as close to nature as hot air ballooning, an aspect that AirVentures holds appreciation for, as every flight is truly a privilege.


Chobe, Botswana:
AirVentures offers balloon safaris over a vast concession known as the Seloko Plains in the Chobe Region of Botswana. Situated 45 minutes south of the town, Kasane, the Seloko Plains are an important wildlife corridor, extending from Zimbabwe to join up with, the Chobe National Park, and the Kasane Forest Reserve. A diverse habitat with large tracts of forest which open up into wide open grassland plains, the area offers a variety of wildlife species to be viewed from the hot air balloon.

Your Balloon Safari begins with an early morning pick up by AirVentures from your accommodation venue in the Kasane area. A short transfer of approximately 45 minutes delivers you to our launch site in the Seloko Plains.

On arrival, the experience of watching the hot air balloon being inflated gets you ready for the adventure ahead.

Take-off is just before sunrise, and as the hot air balloon starts to drift across the African savanna, the sun starts to break the horizon, and the spectacle of the sights and sounds of the wildlife below begins. A flight of approximately an hour has you skimming across the treetops, perfect for game viewing, and ascending into the blue of skies of Botswana for a panoramic view of the vast untouched wilderness below.

Too soon, touch down to terra firma is greeted with the friendly smiles of the awaiting ground crew. The traditional celebrations with Champagne are held in the bush, toasting this age-old adventure. A short transfer through the Seloko Plains has you arriving at a five-star Camp for breakfast.

After a presentation of your flight certificate by the pilot, we transfer you back to your accommodation venue.


Okavango Delta, Botswana:

AirVentures offers hot air balloon safaris over the Okavango Delta, a world heritage site located in the north western region of Botswana. The experience of a Balloon safari, in one of Africa’s great wilderness destinations, epitomises the very best of game viewing, flying over a landscape flooded with water and winding channels, dotted with islands, and combined with large expanses of woodland forests. This age-old ballooning adventure explores the Okavango Delta in a completely unique way offering a 360-degree panoramic view from tree top level to a thousand feet in the air.

A welcoming greeting by the pilot, followed with a safety briefing and demonstration of the boarding and landing procedures for the balloon, gets you set and ready for take-off! The flight launches just prior to sunrise and will drift across the flood plains with the cool winds of the morning. On a different adventure every morning, the pilot will expertly navigate the balloon using only the winds at various altitudes. From drifting at treetop height to a 1000ft or more, spectacular vistas of the Delta will unveil themselves as the first rays of sunlight roll across the waters of the flood plains. The chance of sighting wildlife adds to the excitement of the flight, elevated by the heart pounding anticipation of spotting one of the Big Five.

A wide variety of wildlife, in an equally wide variety of terrain and vegetation types, can be viewed as the balloon floats unhindered across this great African Wilderness. The diversity of the fauna and flora, and the encounters between the two, provide for some spectacular photographic opportunities, especially from the unique vantage point the balloon offers.

On landing, the balloon will be met by the recovery vehicles which have been tracking the balloon’s journey. A scenic area in the bush will be selected for the traditional champagne celebration, to toast this age-old adventure. A presentation by the pilot of your commemorative flight certificate concludes a memorable morning.

The awaiting guides then take you on a game drive back to your Camp for a well-deserved breakfast.

Our balloon safaris are located in the North Western part of the Okavango Delta, between the Vumbura River, and the Selinda Spillway. The area is comprised of a diversity of terrain types, ranging from large wooded forests, to wide open flood plains, and attracts a wide variety of wildlife. Large herds of buffalo and elephant visiting the area during the winter months, resident predators, and a prolific birdlife during the summer months, make this an impressive area to visit.

  • Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 guests
  • Only available between 15 April and 15 September
  • Hot air balloon activity replaces morning activity at the lodge
  • Children – children under the age of 7 years are permitted on request and approval from AirVentures, A parent or guardian must accompany any child under the age of 16
  • Keeping with tradition, on landing, the flight will be celebrated with sparkling wine and orange juice
  • Location – North Western part of the Okavango Delta, Botswana
  • Drive Time – Depending on the winds, the exciting drive to the launch site could take up to 1.5 hrs
  • Packages Available – Yes, contact

COVID-19 Preventative Measures

Safaris/ Activities/ Transfers offered on site:

  • Minimum required crew per balloon will be utilized
  • Our transfers are outsourced to Asendulo, who are fully compliant with government and W.H.O regulations
  • All balloon and associated equipment will be sanitized after each flight
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer (70%) will be available before and during activities

Sanitization facilities of Suites/ Tents & Public areas:

  • Sanitizer, gloves, and face masks will be available at the hangar. Relevant signage will be posted where necessary

Dining facilities & Kitchen:

  • Social distancing protocols will be implemented during our snack breaks before and after balloon safari

Guests – Monitoring & Protection:

  • Guests’ temperatures will be measured and recorded on arrival
  • Should a guest show signs of COVID-19 infection, staff are trained on what to do in accordance from government & the W.H.O
  • As an added precaution our balloon baskets have been fitted with transparent PVC shields between passenger compartments to provide extra protection for passengers. The shields have been manufactured with passenger experience in mind and allow for the 360-degree view that flights in a hot air balloon are renowned for.

Staff – Monitoring, Training & Protection:

  • Daily detailed health checks and screening, as well as temperature checks, will be implemented for all staff and all data stored
  • Supplementary training relevant to the current situation will be conducted for all supervisors
  • All staff are practicing safe hygiene with regular hand washing
  • Isolated workstations have been set up to allow for social distancing between employees
  • Staff members to wear gloves and masks

Wellness centre/Fitness:

  • N/A

Covid-19 Support Services:

  • Should a guest show signs or be flagged as a potential COVID-19 case, we have direct access to a doctor on call
  • The necessary course of action to follow for a suspect case will be guided by our emergency medical partners and healthcare facilities

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